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Hey there!

You want to push your daily creative routine? Clear your mind in a meditation-like state of writing? Then this is your service. Set your daily goals and create an environment that fits your needs. Write a text every day - not more, nothing less.

Why this service?

I enjoyed getting into a daily writing routine myself, but there wasn't any (free) service out there which fulfilled my needs - so, I created my own featuring: Basic encryption, simple privacy policy, a dark mode for writing at night, a pleasant and responsive design, personalized daily goals and finally simple statistics.

Support us

Help us spread the idea and support people in finding their way to slow down in our fast moving society. This website is a private project and I don't want to put any Ads here - therefore, if you wanna support this project, you can donate as little as a cup of coffee or any amount you chose via Paypal to help finance the servers.

What about alternatives?

Of course this isn't the only service out there dealing with the topic of daily writing. However, I felt like there was a gap needing to be filled. You tried this writing service and didn’t like it? Here’s an outline of the alternatives, to help you find the right one for you:


This is one of the biggest services out there with a lot of monthly users. A friendly community, gamification elements for motivation, export functions and detailed (semantic) statistics are speaking for this service. If this is what you’re looking for and are willing to pay 5$ a month, this is probably the right service for you.

Write Honey

A free writing tool, also featuring the 750 words per day concept. Texts are auto deleted after 7 days - which links to the 'just let go' philosophy. If you're fine with that, this is a lightweight service for you might enjoy.


Free service, where you can start writing directly. Nice UI elements which are forcing you to write the 750 words. Whether you like this particular tool or not depends on what type of writer you are. However, it seems like this platform isn't maintained any more.

3 pages

This appears to be a decent alternative. However, it's in french... and I don't speak french.

The most dangerous writingapp

If you feel like you need more action and excitement, you can try this one. There's an auto-deletion after a few seconds if you stop writing. For me that’s too hectic.

Something's missing?

Don't be shy - Write us an email !

A huge thank you...

...for all the people helping me out with this project!

  • - Jarrod Wright for the voiceover for the video
  • - Pia von Miller for the lovely illustrations
  • - Isa Illig for proofreading this side
  • - Sebastion Spiller for cleaning up the sound files
  • - ...and all the people who helped me with testing

Why write every day?


Release Stress

Everyday life can be stressful: Something isn't working out as expected at your job, you’re having an argument with your partner or your friends or it just feels like time is working against you. Release everyday stress that is bothering you.


Regain Focus

Regain your concentration and use your energy to create positivity. Calm down after a stressful day. Build your own personal save haven, collect fresh motivation and use your new state of awareness to be happier every day.


Build Routine

Create a new routine with the help of your daily writing. Clear your head everyday and step by step. You can start writing short paragraphs or just a few lines. . After just a few days, you’ll feel the difference it makes.




We respect your privacy! Therefore, the whole traffic is encrypted via HTTPS (Read more). Additionally, all your texts are encrypted before being saved into the databases. This ensures your privacy, even if the database is hacked. Plus: We don't track anything you can't see in the statistics such as user behaviour.


Analytics & Prints

Watch your personal statistics and see how your word count is growing,set and track your own goals and print your texts with our clear and simple printing layout. Working late? Switch on the dark mode specially designed for writing at night.


Made with Love

This page is completely free - it really is. We created it to provide a free tool for everybody who wants to start or continue a daily writing routine. You can read more about our background and philosophy on the about page. Feel free to share your thoughts, wishes and ideas via email - and spread the love if you like our service!

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