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Why write every day?


Release Stress

Everyday life can be stressful: Something isn't working out as expected at your job, you’re having an argument with your partner or your friends or it just feels like time is working against you. Release everyday stress that is bothering you.


Regain Focus

Regain your concentration and use your energy to create positivity. Calm down after a stressful day. Build your own personal save haven, collect fresh motivation and use your new state of awareness to be happier every day.


Build Routine

Create a new routine with the help of your daily writing. Clear your head everyday and step by step. You can start writing short paragraphs or just a few lines. . After just a few days, you’ll feel the difference it makes.




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Analytics & Prints

Watch your personal statistics and see how your word count is growing,set and track your own goals and print your texts with our clear and simple printing layout. Working late? Switch on the dark mode specially designed for writing at night.


Made with Love

This page is completely free - it really is. We created it to provide a free tool for everybody who wants to start or continue a daily writing routine. You can read more about our background and philosophy on the about page. Feel free to share your thoughts, wishes and ideas via email - and spread the love if you like our service!